Who we are

EVO Group is our name and Digital Creative Performance Marketing is our game. Based in the heart of Brussels and active since 2001, we’ve expanded continuously over the years to become a mid-size company. We manage national and international clients from Texas to Hong Kong. Nowadays, we have about 40 employees and counting, and we belong to the top 10 Belgian Digital Agencies. We can serve you in French, Dutch and English.

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With great powers come great responsibilities...

Get a sneak peak at how our company works.

  • Thinking like a team

    A spaceship is only as good as the engineers who build it, and the astronauts who fly it. This is why, at EVO, all teams work together in every step of your projects. To us, it is the one & only way to build products that are as beautiful as they are ergonomic and efficient.

  • Working for tomorrow

    In the web department, it is impossible to thrive by sitting back and twiddling your thumbs. As things constantly change and evolve, you need to stay on top of everything to survive. Even though we are capable of great things, we know the importance of humbleness and striving to be even better. This is why we constantly train to achieve higher goals everyday.

  • To reach the stars

    Whenever we start working on a project, we only have one objective in mind: quality. Because what would be the point of doing our best if it wasn't to reach the stars? We make sure everyday to give you high quality results thanks to great attention to detail and by putting in place impeccable quality processes.

  • Always in good shape.

    We are strong believers of the Juvenile quote: “Mens sana in corpore sano.“ Therefore, our team gets to relax every once in a while and enjoy a good massage or a Ping-Pong tournament. And it turns out that these act as effective creativity & productivity boosters.

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